Counsellors at your university

Counsellors at your university
These are the Dutch professionals who can support you at the university.

Disability officer (studentendecaan)

The disability officer is part of the university’s central staff. S/he carries out intakes with disabled students, submits applications for special facilities or arrangements and provides general guidance. S/he, or his/her colleagues, also know about the regulations that apply to exchange students.

Student advisor (studieloopbaanbegeleider/studieadviseur)

The student advisor is a member of your department. In most institutions, this will be one of your teachers who has been given an extra task. S/he will know little about disabilities but a lot about your curriculum, study planning, courses, etc. S/he can support you by providing academic counselling and advice on planning.

Examination board (examencommissie)

Some study modifications will have a direct effect on exams and the way you get your marks (for instance, you might be able to use your laptop during exams, do alternative assignments or be exempt from work placements). These modifications need the approval of your department’s examination board. The disability officer will help you submit applications to the examination board.

Student counsellor (studentenpsycholoog)

Most larger universities have a student counsellor. S/he helps students with psychological problems related to their study. Aside from individual appointments, the student counsellor provides study matching tests and training (for instance, on how to cope with performance anxiety, motivational problems or addiction).
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